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Concussion Information

Bethlehem Lacrosse Club supports US Lacrosse and the CDCâ??s efforts to reduce the likely hood of concussions. Please review the following reference materials so that as Players, Parents and Coaches you are aware of their efforts and the information regarding concussions. 

Bethlehem Lacrosse Club Concussion Policy

A child who exhibits signs of a concussion must be removed from that game and/or practice.  When a child is removed from a game or practice by a referee, a coach, or a member of the Bethlehem Lacrosse Club Board on suspicion of a concussion, that child may not return to any Bethlehem Lacrosse Club practice, game, or other physical activity that day and not until cleared in writing by a licensed physician or authorized medical personnel.  Once written medical clearance for the child has been received by the head coach, the child may return to physical activities .

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