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Injury Reporting Forms

While we hope that everyone one has a healthy and successful experience with lacrosse, the possibility for injury does exist. In the event there is a injury to your son, daughter or player please follow the following process.

First get medical attention for your son, daughter or player. Call 911 on any serious injuries, so that medical attention is provided. For less serious injuries treat the injury and seek medical attention if it does not seem to improve. If medical treatment is necessary please notify your coach as soon as possible.

In the event of medical treatment please complete the US Lacrosse Incident Report at this link and the online Lacrosse Accident Claim Form.  Please submit the incident report as soon as possible to Kristin Devoe, President of Bethlehem Lacrosse Club.

Claim Guidelines: You have 90 days from the date of injury to submit a claim form. For claims to be eligible for coverage you must seek medical attention within 60 days from date of injury..

Insurance and Claims Administrator

All Accident Claims are handled and paid by Bollinger, the insurance administrator for US Lacrosse.

You may contact Bollinger at:

General Phone: 1-800-350-8005, press "5" for Lacrosse
Sports Claims Phone: 1-866-267-0093
Fax: 1-973-921-2876

General Email:
Claims Email:

Please note that you will be leaving the US Lacrosse web site to access some of the insurance services offered by Bollinger

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